Todd Anderson, Fergus Falls, MN


IDtag has helped our family so much.

Judith Mcduffie, Oreana IL


We are so happy that our puppy, Scooby Doo, was found because of the IDtag we purchased and registered.

JoAnn Forsberg, Okemos, MI


Purchasing the IDtag was a spur of a moment decision; walking through a store; I noticed the tags on a shelf; noticed price was inexpensive for ser

Terri Gawlinski, Las Vegas, NV


Our cat went missing in the night and we had no idea. The next morning we went looking for her.

April W., Bakersfield, CA


Thank you for your quick response. When I purchased the tag, I wondered if it actually worked as advertised.

Maureen K, Lancaster, OH


I was not home and didn't know that Bengi was missing. She got out when my son and his friends left the porch door open.

Heather A., Smyrna, TN


Our Grayse is a rescue, adopted by us in June. She has brought such joy to our lives with her sweet nature and funny antics.

Jeanna B, Alexander City, AL


My dog is a rescue, abused as a puppy and scared to death of people. One day when he was playing outside, he just disappeared.

John W, Staunton VA


It was late at night when Wendy went missing. We didn't know about it until someone from IDtag called us.

Madeline A, Oakland, CA

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We just want to share our story about what a wonderful service you have.