Bassett Hound Journeys

By David Schifter, NC

I was at my daughter's high school open house when I got the call and email from ID tag.

We Should've Named Our Dog Houdini

By Tricia Ford, MA

Thank you for your help in returning Russell, who we should have named "Houdini".

Buster Loves to Explore

By Brian DuBridge, MI

The IDTag people are very good at following through, trying to get all parties communicating.

Two for Two, Brilliant Product!

By Jennifer Grafton, VA

This is the second time I have lost my pet and the second time smart tag has helped me recover him! I have 2 big dogs and they love to get out.

SmartTag Works Geat! You've brought back my Roo.

By Lorraine, FL

The smart tag works great! My high energy, high maintenance dog Roo somehow figured out a way to climb out of our window.

Hearing-Impaired Dog Reunited!

By Lynn Lettré, MD

You have a wonderful service and it has been a lifesaver for us with our deaf dog Bailey, who cannot hear when cars come and sits in the middle of

Thank you SmartTag for your service!

By Crystal Brown, AZ

Thank you again for your service. I am currently out of state with my family and dogs to spend time with my father who is in the hospital.

Thank You SmartTag!

By Raymond Alvarez, CA, United States

I was at home unaware that my pet Mickey went missing. I have a big dog who somehow managed to open the gate.

Peace Of Mind


I am so glad I purchased the SmartTag pet ID from your company. I had my dog back home in a few days. It is a huge relief to have her back home.

Found my Best Friend


When Tu Pac ran off I thought I'd never see him again.