Thank you SmartTag for your service!

By Crystal Brown, AZ

Thank you again for your service. I am currently out of state with my family and dogs to spend time with my father who is in the hospital.

Thank You SmartTag!

By Raymond Alvarez, CA, United States

I was at home unaware that my pet Mickey went missing. I have a big dog who somehow managed to open the gate.

Peace Of Mind


I am so glad I purchased the SmartTag pet ID from your company. I had my dog back home in a few days. It is a huge relief to have her back home.

Found my Best Friend


When Tu Pac ran off I thought I'd never see him again.

Christmas Miracle


Yesterday, we had a Christmas miracle, thanks to the Smart Tag that we bought for our dog Sasha.

Brian Dubridge, Spring Lake, MI


Buster is a beagle. It's said you can't keep a beagle contained. Well, it's true if there's any little crack in your security.

Sarah Hawley, Holmes, NY


My husband was playing catch with our 10 year old Labrador, when he decided to take off into the woods.

Sally Creed, Richmond, TX


My dog, Boomer, accidentally got out of the gate when it was not latched properly.

Deborah Booth, Tempe, AZ


I can't tell you how thrilled I was to hear those words..."We found Rocky!" You always wonder if anyone would utilize the tag if th

Lisa Falusi, Kitchener, Ontario


Just yesterday, we came in from outside and soon realized the front door had blown open and Max was nowhere to be found.