By Vardot Webmaster, CA United States

Yesterday, we had a Christmas miracle, thanks to the Smart Tag that we bought for our dog Sasha. Early Christmas morning, my wife and I went out of town to visit family a few hundred miles away and were spending the night at a hotel. Sadly, we were unable to take Sasha, or find somebody to care for her, so we left her in the back yard as we had done before. Unfortunately the winds picked up after we left, and blew the gate open allowing Sasha to escape. She was on her way towards a major roadway when Tony found her and took her in. They called the number on her Smart tag, and very shortly after, we were contacted and informed of the situation. After some phone calls to find somebody to pick our dog up, Sasha was back in the house and not run over on a busy road. Your service was our Christmas miracle!

Thank you!

Daniel and Sarah Palmer