SmartTag Genuinely Cares

By Kayla Torres, yuma, AZ

SmartTag's customer service department was very helpful.

A Really Easy & Simple Process!

By Jennifer Pinnell, Sarnia

I really like SmartTag because Higgins has been returned to us countless times. It has always been a really easy and simple process.

The Best Money We Ever Spent

By Heather Maxwell, Thomasville, GA

My experiences with SmartTag really have been wonderful.

Help, When We Needed it Most

By Amanda Delisky, Howell, NJ

When our cat Nova escaped out of a broken basement window in the middle of the night, I was frantic.

SmartTag Never Fails


Whiskers is an outdoor cat, so he's out and about all of the time.

A Bad Day Turned Good

By Randi Schaubert, avondale, AZ

SmartTag turned a really bad day into a really good day.

It's worth every penny!

By J. Morin

​SmartTag got a hold of me as soon as they could and we now have BOTH of our pets back safe and sound, I can't thank them enough!

Well... ID TAG Worked Yet Again...

By Richard Dares

We have a beagle, that loves to wander. She frequently gets lost. But when she does, I don't worry so much anymore thanks to IDTAG.

I Feel Better Knowing I Have The Smart Tag Team Behind Me.

By Ashley Wheeler, CO

Old English Sheepdogs are often described as having “a clownish energy”.

You Found My Jakey!!!

By Cheryl Palmer, Las Vegas, NV

You guys are awesome!