Using A Coupon Code:

If you are using a coupon redemption code please apply it at the end of your order, on the shopping cart page.

Engraving An ID Tag With A Protection Plan:

After you add an ID Tag to your cart on this page you will be asked to select an ID Tag Protection Plan on the following page. If you decide to purchase an ID Tag Protection Plan, your pet's name will be engraved on the first line, our SmartTag contact information will be engraved on the last 3 lines ( SmartTag serial number, website URL, and the emergency support team phone number). All of your personal contact information will be located in your online profile. We encourage up to 6 phone numbers including alternative contact phone numbers, be added to your profile.

Engraving A Personally Engraved ID Tag:

We also offer personally engraved ID Tags, for customers who would like an ID Tag without a protection plan associated to that Tag. To choose a personally engraved ID Tag, enter the the 4 lines you would like engraved on your ID Tag below, then "Add to Cart". On the next page choose the "Skip Protection" tab on the bottom of the page.


Select Tag Type