I'm very grateful for the ID tag they, they found Mara, I really thought that I wasn’t going to get her back.


By Amanda Gaither, North Las Vegas, NV, 89032

SmartTag is a great service! My dog was startled during a thunder storm and squeezed under the gate outside and escaped.

Rough Day Made Better By Your Service

By Nashville, TN

Thank you so much for getting Roman home! I picked Roman up from the Animal Hospital around 1pm.

SmartTag’s the best!

By M. Lopez, ID

I was at a family dinner and left Kodak back at my uncles. My cousin didn’t know Kodak was there and left the door open. He took off!

SmartTag is a Great Service

By B. Speer, KS

I let Apple out to go to the bathroom and she ran a few houses down.

SmartTag Brought Katie Back From Her Adventure!

By E. Millar, ON, Canada

We live next to 100 acres of a hiking trail. Sometimes Katie likes to join the hikers on their walk!

Thank God for SmartTag!

By J. Boles, OK

Coco loves to dig. On this particular day she dug herself right under our fence! She ran down the street and waltzed right into our local church.

Great Service!

By J. Hefner, AZ

Diogie was waiting by the door when my youngest opened it, and he took off! Animal control wound up picking him up and calling into SmartTag.

Thank you SmartTag!

By J. Skaggs, MO

My kids are often in and out the door. This time, Rance saw an opportunity and ran! A neighbor was able to grab him and call into SmartTag.

SmartTag Blew Me Away!

By P Weber, GA

I was very impressed by SmartTag! When Clover ran after something in the woods, I couldn’t run after her.