By Admin Colleen K, NJ United States

We are on vacation in the mountains when our husky, Fenrir, snuck out of our yard. Huskies are so curious and love to roam so we knew it would be difficult to find him. We were searching for him for 2+ hours, calling for him and asking everyone around if they had seen him with no luck. The kids and I were a mess of tears! Finally, we got a call from SmartTag, after his microchip was scanned, that our pup had been turned into the shelter! I was crying tears of joy the entire way to the shelter! It turns out our sweet boy had gotten out and was being chased and almost attacked by a pack of coyotes! He ran to a house for rescue, they saved him! Nothing can describe the relief we felt when we got the call that he had been found, thank you SmartTag!! Still makes me tear up. We are so glad to have him back and thankful to the person who rescued our boy from the coyotes!