SmartTag is a life saver!

By D Cox, MO

Delilah got out of our fenced yard and ran a few blocks away. A neighbor picked her up and called SmartTag.

A guardian for animals!

By N. Armstrong, ID

Thanks SmartTag! Aussie likes to run and make friends with all the neighbors and their dogs.

Thanks SmartTag!

By T. Foster

Today, Checore decided to chase a cat while being walked and snapped his leash. Through Live Chat I was able to get our address updated.

Gives a Peace of Mind!

By Jeanne A., FL

When I first got Greta as a pup, a repair man left the backyard gate open and she ran off while I was at work. I was absolutely devastated.

Great service!

By Lisa Candland, TX

My dog is precious and loved by our family. Losing her is a scary experience. Thanks to ID-Tag, her escape ended well.

Excellent Service!

By Wesley Curtis

Lucy dug her way out under our fence and was found by a neighbor. We were notified immediately and my son and I are grateful.

The best birthday present!!!

By Connie Morishita, Idaho Falls, ID

Brodie is my sheltie that I have had since he was just a puppy. We went to visit a friend's house and he had gotten loose.

What a priceless service!

By Kenneth Corcoran, New Smyrna Beach, FL

I would like to thank you and the finder! Gator is my friend and Companion as well as my therapy Dog.

Great For People That Move Around

By John Urban, Woodbridge, VA, 22193

Thank you, SmartTag! Mose is back all thanks to you guys.

A Must Have

By Rachel McAtee, Danville, IN, 46122

I have used SmartTag for every dog I've ever had. This is an outstanding service. SmartTag is a must have!