By Vardot Webmaster, CA United States

I purchased my IDtag last year when I was given a 5 mo. old miniature dachshund. I was his 4th home in 5 month’s time. My husband had passed away in 2009 and I felt he would be good company. I had no idea that we would become inseparable. Having recently become engaged my fiancé and I went out to lunch over the weekend and left Peek-A-Boo in his fenced back yard. I did not realize that the gap between the gate and the post was large enough for him to get through. When we returned home and found Peek-A-Boo missing we both panicked but then I realized I had a phone message. After listening to it we saw that our neighbor 2 doors down had Peek-A-Boo safely inside their home. That was one happy little dog to see us. Thank you for this wonderful service.