By Admin Colleen K, NJ United States
Our dog Tova escaped from our backyard without her collar, with no visible identification, so I instantly panicked! I had been driving around our neighborhood over 30 minutes calling out her name with my heart in my stomach, when SmartTag called me to tell me she had been found, I felt a wave of tearful relief! The SmartTag representative was able to connect me to the vet clinic where the kind gentleman was waiting with her, and I brought her home. If Tova had not been chipped with SmartTag there would have been no way for anyone to identify or contact me. I can't help but imagine what would have happened if she wasn't chipped and had gotten farther away. I could have lost her forever! Thanks to SmartTag, a horrible experience was limited to 1 hour and the chip brought my baby home safely and quickly, I could not recommend it more! --- Kaley and Peter C