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When I first got Greta as a pup, a repair man left the backyard gate open and she ran off while I was at work. I was absolutely devastated. Did not know what to do, who to call. It felt like I lost a child. I never want to experience that feeling again. So I took to the internet and found ID Tag. Now I have some peace of mind knowing I can get help when I desperately need it. Greta now has a chip. Luckily that day, a vet tech found Greta and brought her to a shelter not far from my home.
However, she did not have a proper tag. I found her only by calling every vet and shelter I could find.
Now that I have ID Tag, this time was different in every way. With their help Greta was back home within the hour, and I did not even know she was gone, as I was at work.
Thank you, ID Tag! You are the best!!