By Sharon Kozatiwitz, NJ United States
Fiona likes to chew and had managed to chew on her leash although not totally chewing through it. My husband took her out for a walk near our home when she heard some of Canada Geese honking, she lunged, broke the leash and was off running to her hearts content. It was dark & Fiona is primarily black making her hard to see. We both went to search for her, husband in his truck and me in the car. She still has her puppy energy and seems to have no fear of traffic or people. A kind couple found her in the store parking lot, saw her Smart Tag, called the number and brought Fiona home! I’m so thankful for Smart Tag and the couple who took the time to locate us! If you are considering Smart Tag and are unsure whether it’s worth it, I highly encourage you to go with it. I’m so thankful we have it, it worked so quickly for us!