By Vardot Webmaster, CA United States

Born on September 14, 1998, a playful miniature schnauzer was born into Tonja's family. Molly was one of nine puppies born in the home of Tonja's place. Ten years later, an unfortunate event occurred.

It was a brisk day during March, when 10 year old Molly, a miniature schnauzer escaped after nearly the third time into a neighbor's backyard. Molly, who enjoys running and roaming around outside, also has a knack at digging tunnels underground. Her special talent of digging tunnels under the fence in Tonja's backyard led her to get out.

With a lot of good fortune, Tonja is confident that every time Molly digs yet another tunnel to get away, she'll find her way back to her.

"You called before I even realized Molly was missing. It was within 30 minutes to an hour that I got her back. I have been extremely happy with your service because I'm confident now that with an Smarttag that my pet will come back every time...I always get a call from you whether it's before I realize she's missing or a few minutes later, it's amazing!"

Today, Molly is doing great, she continues to dig tunnels, but no matter how many times Molly escapes, Tonja feels reassured with the service. Tonja and her pet enjoy going camping, going on walks, riding in the car together and biking. Tonja says, This is absolutely the best service for my dogs.