By Vardot Webmaster, CA United States

In the cold month of March of 2009, Scout, a year old rescue Border Collie, who loves to run among acres upon acres of land in Sheila and Newt's backyard, escaped into a neighbor's property. "He went outside our yard and we instantly received a call, like within minutes, we got the call", said Sheila, Scout's pet parent. "The neighbor didn't know Scout belonged to us."

Scout, formerly known as Toby, loves to chew, play, hug, sit up, run, tug and play with other dogs and is "the kind of dog that loves to run or lay at your feet."

"If he didn't have the tag on they'd [the neighbors] would've kept him because he's just so sweet and lovable."

Sheila feels blessed that her dog, Scout has an identification tag from If the pet gets lost again, Sheila and Newt are not afraid because they have complete confidence in

"We never could have got him back if there was no Smarttag. And since Scout likes to run and take off whenever he likes, the service is wonderful for us! I think it's better than the microchip because people can look at the tag and instantly call and don't have to find and get to a scanner someplace."