By Vardot Webmaster, CA United States

A spunky Chihuahua born on May 16, 2008 enjoys riding in the car with his pet parent, Shauna, and chewing on any kind of stuff animal. But one day, Shauna was outside enjoying nature and looking up at the birds when suddenly her dog slipped through the gate under the fence. "He was running all over the block, like for twenty minutes."

I ran after him and couldn find him. I was worried because there is a busy street with traffic right outside her house. Finally, someone found the pet and called her about an hour later from

"The woman who found him lived six miles away, but in five minutes our pet was safely home. "

Shauna was reluctant to get an identification tag, but realizes it was the wisest decision she made now.

"I never though about getting an IDTAG but it was so inexpensive I figured it wouldn't hurt. I'm glad I got one when I did because a week later my dog went missing."