By Vardot Webmaster, CA United States

Paa-ko, an American Staffordshire Terrier, whose kind is known to be "an elegant cousin of the pit bull" certainly has a unique name. His name is derived from the root word of cotton wood tree and it is also the name of Paul's favorite golf courses in New Mexico. That alone makes Paa-ko one special member of the family. Only a year and a half old, Paa-ko entered Paul's family three months ago. He enjoys the three necessities of life - eating, sleeping and playing. Unfortunately, Paa-ko certainly wasn't sleeping when he managed to escape out of the backyard through the open gate. "It was an owner's error" says Paul. But, fortunately, the owner's error was fixed within fifteen minutes with a call from support team without even the owner knowing his pet was actually missing! "I didn't even know he was lost then we realized he was missing when we got the call from you." Paul was very impressed with's prompt service. "It's great; the fastest recovery time I've ever had with a pet!"

Today, Paa-ko is doing fine and up to his own habits and has even squeezed playing fetch into his daily regime.