By Vardot Webmaster, CA United States

I want to let you know how much I appreciate your service. My family and I own a 6 pound little Mini Pin. She is very precious. Over the 13 years that we have had her she has gone missing a few times. She is so tiny that she can get out of any small hole in the fence. Before we got your tag we almost lost her for good! We searched everywhere for her. I called all the local vets offices and the shelters. She was in the dog pound for several days when we finally got her back. She had missed her seizure medication and was very ill. We went to get her a new collar and we saw your IDTAG and thought we would give it a try. Sure enough our little escape artist went missing again. This time she had her IDTAG on her tiny collar. We were notified by your service by email and phone even before we knew she was gone! We were so happy to know our little dog with her special needs was safe and sound. It was very nice to receive a follow up phone call from IDTAG the next day to check and make sure everything went well. You have a great product and service that works excellent. I will recommend that every pet lover use your product. It gives me peace of mind.

Thank you again.