By Vardot Webmaster, CA United States

I left my house yesterday to attend a business meeting. I left my 15 week old
puppy locked in her kennel, where I knew she would be safe and not get into any trouble. While I was at my meeting my phone rang and it was my neighbor about two blocks from
my home. She said she had my puppy. She had never met my puppy and did not know Alaska (my pup's name) was mine. I had purchased my pet SmartTag ID tag from the local Dollar store and had Alaska registered. Was I ever surprised when my neighbour called. My son had let the dog out into the backyard and obviously she escaped and followed my friends daughter home. My friend called the SmartTag number on her SmartTag and voila!!! I got my pup back.
The SmartTag system is amazing!!! The service was excellent. Not only did they give my friend my contact information, they then emailed me her contact information telling me my dog was found and where I could retrieve her. Everyone should have this SmartTag ID tag on their pets!!!