By Vardot Webmaster, CA United States

Born during the hot, steamy month of July in 1998, Charley, a ten year old chocolate Labrador, went missing from his pet parents one day.

"I was shocked to find out Charley went missing again! I asked my husband, Where is Charley?" and he responded, "In the backyard, where else?!" Not any more! I told him.

Amid the winter months, Charley managed to disconnect the cable tie-out in their backyard and let loose for nearly a couple of hours. Meredith discovered their chocolate Labrador was missing only when she opened up her email and read their dog was not in their backyard anymore, but in someone else's and was found.

Today, Charley continues to roam around, but on a much shorter lease these days. He is up to his own bad habits, trying to catch an escape every once in a while, but his pet parents have a much more keen eye on him and shortened the cable tie-out in their backyard, making it harder for Charley to escape.

"Smarttag really helps because Charley has the tendency to roam around and just by him having his tag on I am reassured he'll make it home."

Although it is the third time Charley has "roamed around the neighborhood" without his pet parents consent, Meredith is comforted that since he is wearing an Smarttag that he will make it home safe again and again. She feels very assured with's technological services.