By Vardot Webmaster, CA United States

Lucy, a Boston Terrier was born during the brisk month of September of 2001. At 7 years old, she enjoys playing fetch with her Elmo toy and stuffed animals and cuddling in bed with her pet parents, but is terrifyingly frightened of thunderstorms.

One stormy Saturday night when her pet parents were at their son's football game, Lucy escaped through the doggy door during a thunderstorm!
"...when it is raining, she won't go out, so I leave a puddle pad by the back door that she uses, as I never imagined she would ever leave the house let alone the yard in a storm!" says Lisa, Lucy's pet parent.

After Lisa returned from her son's football game, which was postponed due to the thunderstorm, they realized something was wrong when they didn't see Lucy greet them like she normally does with her Elmo toy at the door. So, they began calling Lucy and thought maybe she was huddled under the bed or under the covers because of the storm, but fortunately, within a minute, the phone rang and Lisa got a call from that someone found their dog.
"...thankfully some guardian angels found her on a busy street a few blocks from our home running up and down the street in the rain! The people who found her were so sweet...they even gave her a bath!"

If Lucy hadn't had her Smarttag on, her pet parents might not have seen their beloved pet until after the weekend, if that.

"It would have taken at least until Monday to get her back when the vet would have been open (if she had only her rabies tag on)."

Lisa recommends to all pet owners.

"It was such a relief to get Lucy back so quickly. Now I have peace of mind that if she is lost ever again, we will get her back right away!!"