By Vardot Webmaster, CA United States

We began the policy of adding the SmartTags to each adoption for we felt it was the perfect bridge between the microchip that isn't seen by the general public and the licenses that are. If someone loses their dog and the dog isn't taken to a shelter or vet shortly thereafter by the finder, the microchip and registration becomes ineffective. If a dog loses its license tag (or taken off by the person who finds the dog), the license also becomes ineffective. BUT if there is a SmartTag done by us as a rescue - and the dog becomes lost in the first year - there are countless 'eyes' looking for that dog once it is reported missing, we are all notified. This SmartTag becomes a highly effective tool that is that bit of insurance that someone will get their best friend back! We have found the folks at to be extremely helpful and accommodating. We can't imagine adopting a dog without a SmartTag!!!