By Vardot Webmaster, CA United States

Izzi, a spunky Jack Russell, who lives in Bstero, Florida with her pet parents, loves to run around, "he's an exercise little manic" Karenin said.

One eventful day in October last year, Karenin was moving stuff around and her pet snuck out of the house; "Izzi opened the door and ran out of the house," Karenin said. She went to the neighborhood next door and fortunately someone found her and called the number on her tag.

Karenin was worried when she discovered her pet escaped.

"I was really upset; it's happened a couple of times already, usually he runs to the neighbor and the neighbor brings her back, but this time she went away and kept running!" Karenin said. "I went driving around the block looking for her when I got a call form the call center. I got her back within an hour! The finder came and brought my dog to me. I was very excited!"

Karenin is very happy with the service.

"I think it's great, I was able to get my dog back so quickly. I got a phone call and an email and the follow-up was great!" Karenin said. "Other tags are so easy to lose and you have to have your personal phone number out there in the public's eye to have it. It's great that I have my address and phone number only visible to I like that my info is kept private with just"