By Vardot Webmaster, CA United States

Born during the blooming month of May, Julie's dog, Boomer was picked up at a local pet store in Overland Park, Kansas. Boomer, a part caviar and part bichon dog, who enjoys trading balls and chasing cats went missing while its pet parents were away one day.

Here's Julie's story of how she found her pet using

"I was out of town while my sister was watching my dog, Boomer and suddenly Boomer went missing, my sister said. He got loose for about an hour. My sister was so worried; she started looking everywhere she could imagine he'd go. Luckily, Boomer was wearing an id tag from Fortunately, someone nearby found Boomer, went online to, looked up the serial number on Boomer's tag online and within one hour I was contacted by's customer service team about my dog."

Today, Boomer is doing well and continues to chase cats and trade balls in his free time.