By Vardot Webmaster, CA United States

Isabel, my Westie, escapes out the front door whenever she gets the chance. I had always been able to catch her, but yesterday, just as a rainstorm hit, Izzy ran out and headed down the street like a jet. I went after her, but the rain was coming down hard and she disappeared from view. I knew she was wearing her SmartTag so I went back inside and grabbed my cell phone. Within a few minutes a SmartTag operator was on the phone telling me that Izzy was in a neighbor's driveway. The reason I bought a SmartTag was because the imprinting on her other tags eventually wore off and became unreadable. SmartTag's 800 number can't wear off, and if Izzy loses her tag it can be replaced. Thank you, SmartTag--because of you my little runaway is safe at home.