By Vardot Webmaster, CA United States

Purchasing the IDtag was a spur of a moment decision; walking through a store; I noticed the tags on a shelf; noticed price was inexpensive for service it was offering; then thought about my grandson, Mitchell; and his new puppy Chewy. Decided to buy one and registered Chewy at IDtag. Chewy is a friendly, trusting puppy and likes to explore where ever he is at. Chewy has been lost from us about four times as he is an escape artist; each time I have received a call from a IDtag person telling me Chewy has been found. Such relief to a grandmother; as we all know how much a dog means to a young boy. Service has been amazing; best investment I could have ever made to protect the life of my grandson's dog, Chewy. IDtag finding Chewy over and over again for us; has been a God-sent experience of being pro-active regarding the unknowns in life and the behavior of a friendly dog.