By Vardot Webmaster, CA United States

Our Grayse is a rescue, adopted by us in June. She has brought such joy to our lives with her sweet nature and funny antics. She is a poly-dactyl cat with great big thumbs that she can actually use to help her pick things up and give hugs! When she went missing, we were devastated. We had registered her with SmartTag less than a week before her disappearance, so we reported her lost right away. As weeks went by, we had given up all hope! But today we received a call from your wonderful service with the phone number of the person who had reported her found! We went and picked her up immediately. She is very underweight now, and we can only imagine what she has gone through this past month! She was found over 6 miles away from home, and if it weren't for SmartTag, we know we would never have gotten her back. Thank you so much!