By Vardot Webmaster, CA United States

Casey, a charming golden retriever of six years old born during the hot, sticky month of August, would have been lost forever, if it wasn't for her smarttag on him.

A few months back, a nearby neighbor came over and voluntarily gave the Richman's a new idtag for their pet. Little did they know, this smarttag would save their pet, Casey!

It was a hot morning in mid-July when the incident occurred.

In the midst of summer, Casey's pet parents' were on their way to Maine for a relaxing vacation. When they arrived in Maine, Casey had somehow escaped them and had gone wandering in the woods - for 5 hours!

"We drove all over the place, looking for him but there's no way of tracking him down in a forest in the middle of Maine, located in the Rachel Carlson Reserve,"said Dr. Richman.

Dr. Richman received a call from a few minutes later during their drive around looking for Casey. The specialist then hooked him up to a tele-conference to the person who found his dog, Casey! The Richman's went and discovered that their dog was safe with the woman who found Casey.

"I've told many people about because it really works! I would recommend it; it has a big advantage over the microchips --if you don't have a facility to read the chip it makes it difficult, nearly impossible," says Dr. Richman.

The Richman's were glad to see their dog, Casey come home safely.

"We wouldn't have recovered the dog otherwise without his smarttag on him."