By Vardot Webmaster, CA United States

Casey, a loving five year old dog, born during the blooming month of May was out enjoying herself in her pet parent's backyard one day when she got loose from her leash. She escaped from the backyard and ran down the street and around the corner.

"I was so worried, hoping she wouldn't get hit by a car or something," Carol, her pet parent says.

But, just in time, Carol was about to begin her search for her dog, she received a call from

"She was only missing for twenty minutes. I got a call almost immediately, before I got a chance to search for my dog myself."

Carol is very content with the service has provided for dog, Casey.

"It has worked out very well. It's given me a peace of mind knowing that my dog will be found and not stolen."

Casey is like any other dog, but she's got talent other dogs just may not share. She enjoys playing fetch in her pet parent's backyard and performing tricks for her pet parents. Today, she is doing great.