By Vardot Webmaster, CA United States

Pepper, a year old German Shepherd, who is 3 months with its new pet parents experienced the rain and cold on her own for nearly a week. She started becoming friends with her doggie friends who all went to the park together, but Pepper. Then, one day, she rebelled and caught loose from her pet parents when she had the desire to check out the dog park for herself and meet up with her new friends at the park. At first notice the dog was missing, Andre's wife said, "OMG! The dog is gone?!" We drove up and down the streets looking for her for about a week.

Fortunately, Pepper, one chilly morning, was outside a man's gate in the woods. The man lured the dog with food to come inside. Once inside, the man checked his SmartTag, went online and called Andre about his pet.

"Pepper is my wife's security blanket, so we were so relieved and happy to see her back. I think she [Pepper] learned her lesson because she's never spent any time in the rain or cold and it was raining for a few days while she was gone."

"SmartTag is better than a name tag because everything gets updated so quickly online, which is great. It helped me out when I forgot to update that my pet was found on, they did it for me! It was also nice that called me to check up if my dog was found."