By Vardot Webmaster, CA United States

Born on February 2, 2006, Logan, a three-year-old beagle, who is quite the energetic one in the family and loves belly scratches, also enjoys finding a way out of his pet parent's backyard.

Roughly three weeks ago, on a cloudy day, Logan, as quite the escape artist, managed to find his way out, through the electric fence and underground chicken wire, while his pet parents were away on a camping trip.

Fortunately, Logan was discovered by a nearby neighbor within minutes, who then called the number on his SmartTag.

"I am so grateful to have a SmartTag... we were called instantly by someone at," Monica said.

Since Logan's parents were out of town, the neighbor kept Logan in his backyard until his pet parents returned from their camping trip. At their return, they were relieved to find their pet safe at a neighbor's house.

"He kept losing traditional tags and all he had was a rabbi tag, so it was so frustrating... when we came across the SmartTag at Pet Smart we were reassured it was something reliable for our dog, these tags actually stay on," Monica said.

In addition, Monica asserts, this SmartTag is so simple to use when you're a family on the go. "We move a lot and our address and phone number changes a lot, this Smarttag is so easy. I can go online and update everything within seconds without having to buy new tags every time we move. I have six dogs and all of them have one!"

Today, Logan is doing great, just as active as usual. When he's not trying to find his way out of his pet parents backyard, he likes to run and bark, play with their older dog, Mikey, who is a Great Dane and play fetch with balls. Logan also enjoys going to the dog park with Monica to run and chase with the older dogs in the park.