SmartTagTM Micochips Benefits

Lowest Price - Lowest Price - The SmartTag Microchip offers the best value compared to any other microchip.
eAlert Service - Service - Each SmartTag Microchip registration includes lost pet “Amber Alerts”, If your pet is lost, we instantly send a broadcast alert, with all your pet details, via email, phone and fax* to all the shelter and rescue organizations in a 50-mile radius of the pets last know location.
Free Metal ID Tag Included - Free Metal ID Tag Included - Each SmartTag Microchip includes a metal collar tag, something no other microchip includes for free.
FREE Replacement Metal ID Tags - FREE Replacement Metal ID Tags - SmartTag also provides free metal replacement ID tags to all SmartTag Microchip customers. Shipping and Handling fee applies.
24/7 Toll Free Live Emergency Support - 24/7 Toll Free Live Emergeny Support - SmartTag operates a 24/7 live call center for any lost/found pet situations or questions.
Free Pet Medical Insurance - 30 days of pet insurance – accidents and illnesses covered.
FREE online updates - FREE Online Updates - Unlimited free updates to your pet/owner profile. (all contact information)
Instant Lost Pet Posters - Instant Lost Pet Posters - with one click of the button, print at your location or order color lost pet posters.
All SmartTags Are Searchable on Google - All microchip numbers can be looked up using a Google search.

Why Buy SmartTag Microchips

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*annual fees
*annual fees
*Registration Fee
Stores 2 contact phone numbers, and an email address on the microchip when scanned (Data Microchip)
Lowest Price With Life Time Registration
eAlert Service-Instant lost pet alerts to shelters, rescues and vets
Includes metal collar ID tag
All Microchips can be looked up in a Google search
24/7 Live support
Free Pet Medical Insurance

Free Pet Medical Insurance - 30 days of pet insurance – accidents and illnesses covered.

No Information Update fees over the phone or the web
Poison Helpline ($69 value per call)
Instant Lost Pet Posters
Online registrations online (partnered with Adopt-A-Friend, Shelter Pro software, ShelterLuv, and