By Vardot Webmaster, CA United States

We have had our Smart Tags for about a year. We have never had to use them to track our pets. In the past when one of our dogs would get loose we would be worried about their safety and if we'd get them back. One time they were gone for four days. It was a weekend and our vet clinic wasn't open. Animal control had picked them up late Friday afternoon and we didn't get them back until Monday. We were charged over $200 for boarding fees and such to get them back. I bought the smart tags right after that. Yesterday one of our dogs, whom we just adopted three months ago, escaped from our yard unbeknownst to us. The house phone rang but we didn't answer. The service team from SmartTag left a brief but very detailed message about our dog and whom to contact regarding him. About a minute later my husband called and told us that he had taken a call on his cell phone and he was given a number to reach the person who had found our dog. Within about 10 minutes, we had our little guy back home where he belonged. It was that fast and that easy! Plus, when I checked my email awhile later, I had a detailed email about where to locate our dog as well. So, for the small price we paid to maintain this service it is worth it. We had three notifications in probably about 2 minutes time quick enough to let us know our little guy was missing before we even knew he was! And we had him safely back home before any of the kids could begin to worry about him! DEFINITELY A GREAT SERVICE AND WORTH EVERY PENNY! Wish we'd started using this service years ago would've saved a lot of worrying and money too!