SmartTag Was a Lifesaver

By becky whetten, CO United States

A Really Easy & Simple Process!

By Jennifer Pinnell, ON Canada

I really like SmartTag because Higgins has been returned to us countless times. It has always been a really easy and simple process.

The Best Money We Ever Spent

By Heather Maxwell, GA United States

My experiences with SmartTag really have been wonderful.

SmartTag Genuinely Cares

By Kayla Morales, AZ United States

SmartTag's customer service department was very helpful.

Works Exactly As It Should!

By Stephen Gregory, TX United States

SmartTag is very fast! I am very grateful that we have this amazing service.

SmartTag Works Instantaneously

By Julie Robinson, FL United States

We've used the SmartTag services several times with our dog, Madrid. SmartTag always calls us right away. This instance is a perfect exam