Testimonials From SmartTagTM Customers

SmartTag Never Fails
By J .Romero
Whiskers is an outdoor cat, so he's out and about all of the time. Every time that he's found, which is often, someone calls because he's so friendly. My experience with retrieving Whiskers has always been good -- this service works well.
A Bad Day Turned Good
By R .Schaubert
avondale, AZ
United States
SmartTag turned a really bad day into a really good day. One moment I was panicking about the whereabouts of my dog, Ted, and not too long after I was reunited with him. It turned out my neighbor had found him.
It's worth every penny!
By J .Morin
​"SmartTag got a hold of me as soon as they could and we now have BOTH of our pets back safe and sound, I can't thank them enough. I would highly recommend this service to other pet owners"
Well... ID TAG Worked Yet Again...
By R .Dares
We have a beagle, that loves to wander. She frequently gets lost. But when she does, I don't worry so much anymore thanks to IDTAG. Suzie(our pet), was lost/found 3 times in just as many months. SmartTag's ID Tag system works great! I definitely...
I Feel Better Knowing I Have The Smart Tag Team Behind Me.
By A .Wheeler
United States
Old English Sheepdogs are often described as having “a clownish energy”. With his even clownish energy, distinct coat, and lovable personality, Rigby is always well known in communities that we live in. His fame is good because Rigby also has...