Testimonials From SmartTagTM Customers

It's worth every penny!
By J .Morin
​"SmartTag got a hold of me as soon as they could and we now have BOTH of our pets back safe and sound, I can't thank them enough. I would highly recommend this service to other pet owners"
Well... ID TAG Worked Yet Again...
By R .Dares
We have a beagle, that loves to wander. She frequently gets lost. But when she does, I don't worry so much anymore thanks to IDTAG. Suzie(our pet), was lost/found 3 times in just as many months. SmartTag's ID Tag system works great! I definitely...
I Feel Better Knowing I Have The Smart Tag Team Behind Me.
By A .Wheeler
United States
Old English Sheepdogs are often described as having “a clownish energy”. With his even clownish energy, distinct coat, and lovable personality, Rigby is always well known in communities that we live in. His fame is good because Rigby also has...
You Found My Jakey!!!
By C .Palmer
Las Vegas, NV
United States
You guys are awesome! Because of IDTag.com when Jakey got out of the gate, it was in no time that I received a call from Smart Tag who had a man on the phone who found my Jakey! You connected the two of us on the phone and I had my dog back...
My friend called the SmartTag number on her SmartTag and voila!!! I got my pup back.
By M
I left my house yesterday to attend a business meeting. I left my 15 week old
puppy locked in her kennel, where I knew she would be safe and not get into any trouble. While I was at my meeting my phone rang and it was my neighbor about two blocks...