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Nationwide Shelter eAlertsTM

If your pet is missing, report it lost to SmartTagTM. SmartTagTM instantly alerts shelters, rescue groups, veterinarian offices and lost-pet websites within a 50 mile radius of your pet's last known location.

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Live Emergency Response Center

A SmartTagTM emergency response team member calls and locates the owner to reunite them with their pet.

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Your pet’s safety should come first. Over 90% of found pets have an IDTag. A SmartTag™ ID will ensure your pet is properly identified when found.


SmartTag™ Benefits

Features Standard Platinum

Instant Broadcast Alert

To Local Vets, Shelters and Rescues



$1,000 of Coverage

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$1,000 of Coverage

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Lost Pet Medical Insurance


Lost Pet Medical Insurance is one of your benefits as a SmartTag customer. If your pet suffers an injury while lost, lost-pet medical insurance will reimburse you for emergency medical treatment up to $1,000, less a $250.00 deductible and 20% co-pay. This is a benefit that no other ID Tag offers.

Your 12 Month Coverage Includes:

  • Medications Prescribed by a Veterinarian
  • Diagnostic Procedures Including X-rays and Lab Tests
  • Surgical Procedures Necessary to Treat Injuries Suffered While Lost
  • Dental Services
  • Overnight Hospital Stays

24/7 Toll Free

Live Emergency Support


6 Hour Recovery Guaranteed

Money Back on all Service Fees Paid


FREE Replacement ID Tags

Never Buy Another Tag Again


FREE Updates

Online Pet Profile and Owner Profile


Live Emergency Response Team

Calls Local Shelters. Rescues And Vets


FREE Engraving On Replacement Tags

Your Pets Name Engraved on tag


Lost Pet Reward $100

We Post and Pay Reward

See Sample

Reward $100-LOST

Buster, a Yorkshire Terrier, was lost on June 23rd in Gerogetown, TX. Please click image for more info - Posted by


Online Lost Pet Notices

Leverage SmartTags Community to notify local residents




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Dr. B Voynick Veterinarian,
American Animal Hospital, NJ
Dr. Brian T. Voynick is the owner and director of the American Animal Hospital. His fields of interest are in diagnostics medicine, endoscopy and alternative medicine. He is a renowned certified veterinary acupuncturist, with a special interest in chinese herbal medicine. Dr. Voynick's mastery of this remarkable healing art relieves pets' chronic pain to give them longer, happier lives. Clients and their pets find the treatments to be pain-free and relaxing.
 He has served as chairman of the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association Ethics and Grievance Committee as well as president of the Randolph Area Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Voynick enjoys hosting the Pet Stop on News 12 New Jersey and spending time with his friends and family.
Dr. B Voynick Veterinarian,
American Animal Hospital, NJ

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